Global Vision



As you have probably been shown the Amway business plan; here are some websites which you can visit and research some of the points you may have heard in your meeting.

Site of Peter and Debbie Cox (Real Life Example and our Global Team Leaders):

User name: global

Password: dreamer

Research Site (This site gives you a lot of research and links, news, myths etc.):

Corporate Sites:

Example of products:

Education Program:

Social Responsibility:

Legal and Government Bodies:

Independent Reviews:

In Kiyosaki & Trump’s recently released book called “Why we want you to be rich” they offer a free download of

–  “Think Big!”  by Donald Trump

–  “The art of Winning” by Robert Kiyosaki

You can access these free downloads on the webpage

In the book they state: “Why do you recommend network marketing?” and answer “because it meets the criteria of leverage, control, creativity, expandability and predictability”.

Interesting that these two titans of wealth should be recommending network marketing; and the clear global leader is Amway with Network 21.

Global Vision