Global Vision


One single sentence changed our lives, “Is what you are doing going to give you what you want”, the answer was simple – no! Owning our own business was giving us a good life but we always hoped for a great life. What we realized was hard work alone was not going to give us the lifestyle we wanted for our family. When we were introduced to the Amway business Martin saw three things upfront, the opportunity of earning a passive income, the value of having an international income and the kind of people associated with this business. We have common goals and dreams and enjoy working together as a team.

Having both been divorced before, we have a different outlook on our life. Our marriage and our kids are our most important asset. We are indebted to the personal growth and the value system available to you in this business but what we love the most is what we have been able to pass onto our kids. In particular we are truly grateful to our personal mentors who have encouraged and believed in us and our dreams.

We are very passionate about travel and have been fortunate to have visited various countries in the last couple of years but more importantly we have done it with the association of people in this business who are motivated and positive about life. We firmly believe that travel is one of the best educations you can give anyone.

You need a dream, courage, hard work and persistence to build this business but it really is worth it. One of the most rewarding aspects of this business is to be able to have an impact on other people’s lives. We appreciate that you can make money in very many industries but we have not come across a vehicle that can give you time, money and significance. We have discovered a world we want to be part of and it is our mission to be able to take as many people as we possibly can onto a better life. We truly believe we have found our purpose in life -we want to make a difference.

Global Vision